There are not many hotels in Heinsberg

You may search for

  • Pension "Haus Oidtmann"
  • Haus Hansen (Dremmen)
  • Hotel Corsten (Heinsberg)
  • Sarah Gästehaus (Dremmen)
  • Cloud 7 (Heinsberg)

These are not far (2 - 4 km) from the Party Location.

"Pension Haus Oidtmann" is even within walking distance!

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Radwar 35. Anniversary

Radwar was founded on the evening of 20.11.1985.

Radwar Party 2000 was 20 years ago.

Were did the time go ...

We wanted to go to X 2020, but Covid-19 didn't allow.
Maybe next time, we will have the opporunity to finish our demo until then ;-)

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