Comment about ASM 3/88-Report by Jeff Smart (Illegal)


Maybe you know that GERMAN official computer magazine "AKTUELLER SOFTWARE MARKET", short A.S.M. (translation: UP TO DATE SOFTWARE MARKET). Maybe you know RADWAR, that official GERMAN computer group and their party in Janyary '88. A writer from the A.S.M. visited the Radwar Party and now wrote about it in their magazine. You surely have seen her, she was fat, thick glasses on her nose and she was asking everybody questions. And then the article: Famous groups showed up like 'POWERRUN' (who's that?), 'TIGER CRACKING ASSOCIATION' and many more. And she interviewed them and made photos with a black line over the guys' eyes (like criminal elements). Bad deal, eh? It's something like as if COMPUTER AND VIDEO GAMES makes an article about the English cracking scene and then writes: 'Big groups like FOOTBALL HOOLIGANS or UNEMPLOYMENT CRACKING SERVICE were there', you see, they had no chance to reach the big guys, 'cos who want to give an interview in such a fuckin' mag, eh? Mormally this magazine writes about crackers as criminals or as asocial elements and now, on a crackers' party, they are kind and frankly to us, those who are writing this shit... so how do you react? Give 'em an interview? Lick their asses to make a photo of you? Get on your knees that they publish your sticker? NO! You did it right!

JS / Illegal 26

GERMAN RATS: THE A.S.M. Do you remember the A.S.M.? The "Aktueller Software Markt", the official German computer magazine (comparable to C+VG in UK) that have been present at the RADWAR party on January the 9th of 1988? I told you about 'em intha last issue, but here again. They went around trying to make photos of big and known groups and published 'em with black stroke over the guys' eyes. And they were quite proud to see their photos in the March issue of that magazine. So what about it, you will ask? Well, it can be heard that two members of the well-known Amiga group "Tristar" were caught by the police! You must be blind if you don't recognize a connection between the photo in the A.S.M. that showed the whole "Tristar"-crew and their cruel end. Anyway, after a couple of weeks later it really can be heard that some guys of the A.S.M. gave all their photos out to the German software police as special evidence material. Isn't that nice? First those swines lick everybody's ass to get an invitation for the party, then they lick everybody's ass to make some photos and even asked 'em to to send new warez to 'em... I think it hasn't been all yet.

JS / Illegal 27