Partyreport Illegal 25


A computer party among loud music and bottles of beer? Isn't that like coffee and salt together? But it worked! On the 9th of January 1988 in Heinsberg. Done by RADWAR in the discotheque "LA QUINTA". Who was there? RADWAR (really?), HOTLINE, TWG, SAP, BEASTIE BOYS, 1001 CREW, MZP, TRISTAR, FAC, TFD and many others...

Only a small amount of computers were built up in the large discotheque. HOTLINE brought all the new stuff with them (as they always do at those parties) and SURPRISE! The Darkness with "To Be On Top". Nobody had this game, quite surprising, even though it's fucking cracked.

Well, after some guys drank beer (e.g. Harrie of Hotline), it became louder, because of some fuckin' Discomusax. Some guys from RADWAR ran around with their Video-Camera, everybody was acting like Bond, James Bond only to get on their movie and they promised to make some copies of this movie sooooooon. Anyway, the mass could drink but not eat. The rest of FCS made themselves ridiculous when speaking through the microphone: "Does anybody know a good, new name for us?" Suggestion were "FREEZERS" or "MODULE" but they didn't take them.

Anyway, the "DIGITAL NEWS" was presented, a horny newspaper on disk and it was quite a great success (order yer own one!!!). About 8 o'clock in the evening, when some people got drunken (some even verrry drunken), the disco-show started. A amateur band played some songs live (quite promising), a fashion show (sooo boring) and lots of music, music and finally (guess what?) music!

People from far away could rest in the nearby gymnasium, but some challenge the night (hehe). After the night the guys woke up with bad (verry bad) headache (guess the cause of the headache) who had to react fast or they would have to

wait another day for their train. But this was a party different from all others before, what an atmosphere! It was something new for everyone, even for those who drunk more that one can endure (Hello, Brian!), but without ultraviolence, riots or vandalism like people are used to know the older generation of crackers.

Whew, hopefully they repeat such a party again. Shame on all of you who haven't took part in it, you missed something really exciting, so watch out for the next RADWAR Party!

Illegal 25