Story Of Radwar

22.09.1984 Some guys sat together and formed a new "cracking group". They called it "Deutsches Knacker Syndikat" (DKS). The most games they released, were simple recracks of other Crackers. They got a bad name for this and when they really cracked a game on their own, no one believed anymore.
20.04.1985 So they split up and formed several groups. ("Federation against Copyright", "Voodoo", "Flash"). Flash gathered some friends and formed the "Flash Cracking Group" (FCG).
05.08.1985 The members of FAC and Voodoo joined the FCG. One of the best Cracking Groups ever had been assembled.
11.10.1985 The Flash Cracking Group programmed the first "Bordersprites-Demo", which was presented on the Commodore-Fair in Frankfurt. At this time a new thread emerged, the first Freezer - "ISEPIC". Some guys from FCG took those "isepiced" games, removed the Isepic-Header and published it as a FCG-Crack. (As you can guess, the quality was rather poor) Once again, those people got a bad name, so they stopped FCG. The "bad guys" revived FAC and some of the others ... .
20.11.1985 We (MWS,BKA,FlASH) sat together at MWS's home and phoned to FlASH to find a new brilliant name for our new Cracking Group. As the most greetings in intros refered to abrevaitions rather than the full name (FCG instead of Flash Cracking Group), we decided to look after a fancy abreviation and THAN build a groupname out of it. (No joke!)
FlASH took his Langenscheids Pocketdictionary and searched for some words. Our first choice was CIA which we extended to "computer interested agency". Then we took DEFCON 5 (we were five people), but since this was a pretty uncool DEFense CONdition (<=> Peace), we decided to look on. At this very moment Flash found the acronym RADWAR, which is the abreviation for RADiological WARfare. (Well, THAT sounds cooool). So we took RADWAR as the Groupname and RDW as abreviation. The foundation-members were MWS, BKA, AVH, FLASH, DUKE.
22.11.1985 During their English lesson MWS and BKA tried to change RDW to RWE. (RWE is a well known abreviation for "Rheinisch-Westfälische Elektrizitätswerke" - the company, that delivers the electricity for our computers).
So RADWAR became RADWAR Enterprises 1941. The 1941 was the only relict of the former FCG, it became one of the best known linenumbers in those times.
Spring 1986 We recruted TC as "Best Boy" and RG as Spreader (and Driver, since he had a car !)
Spring 1986 DUKE got his AMIGA 1000 (he paid 6000 DM for it). He did quite some work for the RADWAR-Amiga-Section (in collaboration with ECA, Mr. Zeropage etc.). Later that year DUKE and FLASH stopped their active work for RADWAR, but they never really left RWE. We stayed good friends.
07.10.1986 MWS moved to Munich to work for the computer magazine "RUN". There he got some originals really quick. But he had no time to crack them, so he sent them to FLASH.
01.11.1986 This new alliance needed a new name, so "THE LIGHT CIRCLE" (TLC) was born.
December 1986 BKA and AVH got their AMIGA 1000. (RADWAR never really got successful on the Amiga.)
Spring 1987 DEF joined RADWAR (bringing in his Amiga and his car)
Fall 1987 MWS started his work at a loanoffice. His boss DM saw the chance to get into the Software-Business and started "Digital Marketing". They wanted to publish a disk-based-magazine called "Digital News". For this reason (and the second anniversary of RADWAR) we planned to give a Party.
09.01.1988 RADWAR PARTY I
17.12.1988 RADWAR PARTY II
21.01.1989 BKA leaves RADWAR to join "Black Tech"
17.02.1989 MVZ joines RADWAR
30.06.1989 - 02.07.1989 RADWAR PARTY III
06.01.1990 RADWAR PARTY IV
31.08.1990 - 02.09.1990 RADWAR PARTY V
08.06.1991 RADWAR PARTY VI
06.11.1993 WOC-Köln
Rainbow Arts as a sponsor for the Rainbow-Party
29.12.1993 RADWAR Video Production. A VHS-Tape with Videos from all Parties.
15.01.1994 Rainbow Party - RADWAR Party VII
since 1994 PAINTBALL Tournaments
Günni, Tristar, Factor 5, Softgold
28.10.1995 RADWAR Party VIII
Spring 1996 Radwar Homepage at KHM.DE goes online
05.10.1997 Radwar Homepage at RADWAR.COM goes online
May 1999 After a long time RADWAR anounces a new Party in Spring 2000
01.05.2000 cRAZy joined RADWAR
27.05.2000 RADWAR PARTY 2000
27.05.2000 MkD & tiMELORD joined RADWAR at RADWAR Party 2000
28.05.2000 NEO joined RADWAR
12.06.2000 (The C= 64 Tribut Page) goes Online !!!
16.09.2000 Eliphas & Robert joined RADWAR at the DM Party in Cologne
January 2001 RADWAR decide to make some entry`s for Mekka Symposium
February 2001 RADWAR is organizing a Party together with Danish Gold in Summer
March 2001 BKA rejoined RADWAR
April 2001 The new designed RADWAR Webpage is ready to Launch
April 2001 RADWAR goes Mekka/Symposium 2001
09.11.2002 Radwar 17th Anniversary Birthday Party
18.01.2007 RADWAR annouce a new Party in autumn 2007
07.04.2007 RADWAR release Partyinvitation-Demo at Breakpoint 2007
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