Radwar Party 2017

 1. April 2017

The Party Location for "Radwar 2017" has only limited capacities. So there will be only 100 tickets available.

  • Warmup Meeting 15:41 at Heinsburger 
  • Doors open 19:00
  • Official Begin 19:41
    • meet famous Sceners
    • play free Arcade Games and Flippers
    • MAYBE drink some alcoholic brewerage

Tickets will be available only in advance!

Order your tickets for 19,41 Euros by sending an email to


Please state your name, address and number of tickets.


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Radwar 35. Anniversary

Radwar was founded on the evening of 20.11.1985.

Radwar Party 2000 was 20 years ago.

Were did the time go ...

We wanted to go to X 2020, but Covid-19 didn't allow.
Maybe next time, we will have the opporunity to finish our demo until then ;-)

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