Radwar Party 2000 - The Ultimate Bug Event

27th May 2000




thursday: building a party location ...


thanx god .. It's friday

Discotheque Las Palmas 'TC's 80s Party'


saturday, party, THE INVINCIBLE SPIRIT


Demo Competition Results

1st price
3000,00 DM (1500 EURO)
Haujobb vs. Galadox

2nd price
2000,00 DM (1000 EURO)

3rd price
1000,00 DM (500 EURO)

The first RADWAR party was organiced in winter 1987 and held in January 1988 - it was a mixup between a usual copy party and a disco eve ... overall a big success. In the late summer 1988 we thought about a new party. We had been begged by so many people who had not visited the first one  and by a lot of more people who had.

The second Radwar Party was one of the most remembered meetings in the history of the european cracking-scene. It was the first time that the cracking elite came together to party, not to copy! We prooved that the scene was tied together by friendship and not by "who has the latest stuff". Of course, today there are bigger parties (e.g. The Party, Assembly 9X), but none of these will match the fun we had on that lousy cold december evening. If You nowadays talk to someone who took part in this, you will hear stories and legends. Believe them, it is all true... 

The third party, held in 1989, was not the big success everyone had expected. Only 200 or 250 people showed up. Maybe it was because the date collided with the summer holidays, maybe it was a sign that the scene already declined. Yeah, of course we had fun, but we also had lots of trouble. So we swore "Never again!" and we wouldn't make any kind of breakfast if we would ever violate this oath.

Pushed again by our fans the fourth party was the first to be broadcasted on german tv and for the first time we had an air-brushed DIN A2  poster for everyone, we became really party monsters.

The fifths one was again a summer camping, held in 1990,  and ended up in the rain. The meadow was completely ruined after those 3 days. Either the grass was burned or destroyed by too many people. The 2 toiletcabins stood almost the rest of the following week alone on that field. The company did not quite remember where they dropped them. And almost no one had used them anyway. And we had to pay 800 DM for these. Today if you meet a RADWAR-member and he suddenly starts to groan, be sure he just spotted a toiletcabin.

Number 6 was badly organiced and no success at all, so let's forget 1991, again we said never again.

This 'never' ended in 1994 at the biggest party yet, the RAINBOW PARTY. Again it was broadcasted on german tv (ARD) and the spirit of the scene celebrated it's rebirth.

The last one yet, RADWAR PARTY VIII was small and funny. Some loved it, others didn't ... we did but again we said never again ... 

But You can't trust us, can You? ...You can't .....
....Radwar Party 2000 - The Ultimate Bug Event

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