Radwar Party 4

6. Jan 1990 Discotheque "La Quinta"

The Partyposter
The Tombola

TV-Magazin "High-Score" (West 3)

Highlights and Facts
  • German TV (WDR) recording for "Highscore"
  • Shaolin Kung Fu Demonstration
  • Live music by "Alien"
  • Special Competition

Party-Bericht ASM 3/90

Partyreport F4CG - Pirates Issue #8

The Making of RADWAR IV

After the third Party, the people who missed it asked about another party. Digital Marketing was still looking for some new programming talents. We still had some good contacts to the WDR-TV-show "Highscore" and DM thought about a way to get cheap airtime on TV. The easiest way was: Having a party and inviting the "Highscore"-Team !
So the usual business started. Talk to the owner of the "La Quinta", call some friends, tell them there would be a party and do some promotion. As there were already quite some parties which had far more professional invitations than we had the last times, we thought about having a cool poster. Martin from the "Axiom-1-Crew" was asked if he could draw this, since he had quite some talent in airbrushing. He designed and painted it all by himself and when he presented the Poster to us, we were pretty stunned. He did not only make a fantastic artwork, he had also included 3 insider jokes. If you look at the poster, there are 3 people (beside the silhouette). The left one represents "Hubert Jansen", who had all the pictures of the fashionshow MWS did at the party 3. But Hubert could not find them anymore. The left one of the persons on the right represents a fat guy called "Theo", who drove us into trouble at the party 3 when he did not collect the right entrance fee. The right person represents "Mario van Zeist" (but I will not tell you why :-). Printing such a poster is quite expensive, so we were looking for a sponsor. Walter (711), who was working at a large publishing firm, managed to have 500 posters (size DIN A2) printed. (We still have some of these poster. So if you would like to have one, contact us).
Meanwhile we started looking for some entertaining people, who could perform at the party. As usual we wanted some live-music, so we asked a local band called "ALIEN" to perform at the party. They covered rock-music (from Stones to AC/DC) and were well known in the vicinity of Heinsberg. We conjected, they would bring their usual friends and supporters, so we would have at least some girls at the party. Jörg from the "Axiom-1-Crew" was training Shaolin Kung Fu. He asked his sensei if the could do a demonstration of their abilities at the party. He agreed.
Our next goal was to make the "Highscore"-Team curious about the party. We told them, that we already had a TV-Team at the party 2 and that this party would be even more successful. They believed us and accepted the invitation.

At the RADWAR Party IV

On this Saturday we opened as usual at 18:00 o'clock. The official party start was at 19:41. The guys from ALIEN appeared early, to set up their equipment and to make a soundcheck. At 19:00 the disco began to fill up. There weren't so many people we had expected. Especially the fans of ALIEN were missing. But it turned out, that there were some copy-parties going on and so a lot of people would arrive later on. The TV-Team finally arrived and began to setup their lights and camera. Slowly but constantly more and more people arrived. But the large dancehall did not become any more crowded. What happened? Perhaps they did not like the music, ALIEN was playing? No, it turned out, that the TV-Team attracted so much interest, that almost every space outside the dancehall was occupied by staring people. The sound engineer was not very pleased about it, because many people make lots of noise (especially when they start singing "So ein Tag, so wunderschön wie heute... "). So we waited for the next showpart, until the crowd settled down a bit. The next showpart was Shaolin Kung Fu. There were six man, who showed different attack- and defencemethods. Most people enjoyed it. Late after midnight MWS and 711 started to have a sort of tombola. The prices were of course some computergames and as first price they offered a "Traumreise für 2 Personen" (a journey of your dreams for 2 persons) to the CES in the USA. To win a price you had to fulfill a special task like "collecting the most left shoes in 5 minutes". For the first price, you had to drink a huuuuuge glass of some alcoholic liquid with a straw while doing push-ups. The winner had glazed eyes when he waited to get his 2 flighttickets. Well, MWS said: "Enjoy your dream" and gave him 2 sleeping pills. I almost became deaf from the laughter of the others.
Around 2 o'clock most people started moving homewards. Only the usual hard-core and those who could not drive anymore stayed awake.

Aftermath of RADWAR IV

We wanted to play soccer on sunday morning. But we have had much trouble getting a gym or any other indoor-field. And the weather on this morning was pretty ugly. Most guys wanted to go home and so we had no "Cracker-Olympix" this time.
The TV-Team had lots of material, from which they made a 3-minute-report which was broadcasted 31.03.1990 on channel "West 3". (We have a recording of this, if you are interested in this, contact us.)
And of course we asked the guys from ALIEN, where their usual fans had been. They answered: "Well, we thought this would be a small private party. We told them to stay out." :-(

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