Radwar Party 5

Camping in Granterath

Highlights and Facts
  • 3 days camping
  • soccer tournament

Party-Bericht Amiga Special Nr. 10/90

The Making of RADWAR V

The party 4 was no financial success, but it had worked as a talent workshop. Digital Marketing got more contacts and found some people, who wanted to sell their software. So DM and MWS wanted to make a new party, but it should be much simpler, since the last party was pretty hard to organise. After some discussion we decided to do a summer camp again. This time we would not repeat all the mistakes of the party 3. The first action was, to send out the invitations, to call some friends and so on. The second action was, looking for a place to camp. (strange order, isn't it ?) It turned out again, that it would be difficult, to find a campground, that offered enough space and easy access to pubs, toilets, snack bars ... . MWS and DM finally found a large meadow, which was near Digital Marketings Office and a small pub. The pubowner did not agree to keep his pub open 24 hours, so that we could use his toilets. MWS ordered 2 toiletcabins with chemicals for the three days in August. Meanwhile we started to spread the real invitations, with the right date and place.

At the RADWAR Party V

The week before the Party, it rained constantly. We did not believe, that anyone would come to camp with us.

Friday 31.08.1990

It was early Friday evening. The Radwar Crew already put up their tents, when the first guests arrived. It was the usual bunch, who had always been the first ones to come and the last ones to go. Until 20:30 o'clock there were at least some dozen tents and 40 guys. We made a small camp fire and gathered around it. The weather was cloudy, but the rain had stopped, it was only drizzling from time to time. Later the evening, one boy from Holland, who had been drinking beer the whole evening, looked pretty awful, he was vomiting like an volcano and we brought him to hospital. He suffered from an alcohol poisoning and had to stay in hospital until Sunday! His party was over, our party just started. The "Cheyennes" from Denmark arrived after some 20 hours ride. They opened the trunk of their car and it was completely filled with cans of Tuborg-beer. They were the heroes of the days.

Saturday 01.09.1990

The weather on Saturday morning became better, you almost could se the sun. Most people went out to get some breakfast, the campfire nearly went out, because the guys, who had slept outside the tents near the fire, had used up almost the whole firewood. So we drove to a forest nearby and collected some wood. We had planned a soccer match for this day, but we had to wait until the afternoon for two reasons. First, there were still some new freaks arriving. Second, we wanted to use the soccerground of the high school, so we had to wait until school was over.
In the afternoon we drove to the soccerfield. It turned out, that the grass was soaked from the constant rain, so we went over to the streetball-field and began to form teams. They played cautiously, because it was not much fun to fall on the concrete, but nearly everyone grazed his knees. After the match the players went over to the local swimming hall, to take a shower. The others went back to the camp.
The evening began as usual people sitting around, talking and drinking. Some went over to the pub, where they could plug in their computers and sit dry. We now were some hundred people. Around 21:00 o'clock we honoured the winning team of the soccer match with the RADWAR-Challenge Cup (which was sponsored by Günni). Shortly after midnight we began to run out of the firewood again. This time we took an axe and drove into the forest again. There was a car parking with a boy and a girl in it. (Guess what they were doing :-) We (4 strong guys) stopped nearby, got out of the car, and took out the huge axe. The other car started the engine and run like a greased lightning. We collected more wood and returned to the camp.
The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

Sunday 02.09.1990

On Sunday the weather became worse again. It was raining again. DM came and hold a small speech: "We have had a lot of expenses for this. There are less people than estimated. bla, bla, bla" Than he took his hat and asked everyone for a small donation. I was so embarrassed, I wished the ground would have opened and swallowed me up. He did not get much more than 150 DM. After this, most people set out for home.
We were tired, wet and in bad mood. So the RADWAR-Crew left, too.

Aftermath of RADWAR V

The meadow was completely ruined after those 3 days. Either the grass was burned or destroyed by too many people. The 2 toiletcabins stood almost the rest of the following week alone on that field. The company did not quite remember where they dropped them. And almost no one had used them anyway. And we had to pay 800 DM for these. Today if you meet a RADWAR-member and he suddenly starts to groan, be sure he just spotted a toiletcabin.

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